Orologics is dedicated to building the finest applications that run on the most popular smart watches. The name of this company is an amalgam of the Italian word for clock Orologio with the programming term Logics. The vision is to bring the craftsmanship of clock making into the 21st century of watch app making.


These iOS apps were available on the very first day the Apple Watch and new Apple TV were delivered. Check out the iPhone & Apple Watch Apps page or peruse the help pages for My Bus Times and RokuMotion, and Bus Board for Apple TV 4th Gen.

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The Pebble Watch is a great companion to your iPhone or Android. I hope you will find my apps for the Pebble useful. A summary of each may be found on the Pebble Watch Apps page. Details for each app are also available. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Just select the Contact Me link on the right.

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Making mass transit more accessible to commuters and tourists is a primary focus of the My Bus series of apps. These apps cover transit agencies in dozens of metropolitan areas across the US and Canada. Travelers and anyone doing business in multiple time zones enjoy the dual time zone app Any Time. Aficionados of gourmet food on trucks can also browse their dining options in a number of cities. And for people who like to transform their watch face to match their mood or style of clothing, there are a few apps for that too.

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