7 Watchfaces for Pebble

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It’s very easy to choose a watch style to match your current mood. Switch to another whenever you feel like it. Unlike the other new watch faces on the app store that require internet access to get to a configuration screen on your phone, you can make all your choices entirely using the watch buttons. When you’re on a long flight with no wifi, this is the app you want to have around to show off your Pebble Watch.

Starting the app:
7 Watchfaces is a watch app, not a watch face. So, it works like a game or other utility. After installing it from the Pebble App Store, you can find it by clicking the Select (middle) button to go to the settings and scroll down till you see this app. Click Select again when you find 7 Watchfaces.

Switching watch faces:
Use the up and down buttons to find a watch face that you like. As you will see below, up and down will also be used to change settings. In fact, pressing the Select (middle) button multiple times will also get you to the watch face selector and pausing between presses to see the prompts will reveal the numerous ways to configure 7 Watchfaces.

Invert the image:
Hold the Select (middle) button down till the watch face inverts. Now, when you scroll up and down all the other watch faces match the inversion choice. You can also press the Select (middle) button four times to get to the watch face inversion. Then up or down will invert.

Turn on the back light without leaving the watch app:
Press the Select (middle) button once.

Enable/Disable Hourly vibration:
Press the Select (middle) button twice then the up or down button to enable or change vibration options.

After a few seconds without pushing any buttons, the configuration prompts go away and your custom watch face is ready to show off.

Fetch the watch battery level:
Hold the Up button down until the battery level shows. You can then scroll up/down to see if a plugged in watch has finished charging. You can also press the Select (middle) button three times to get to the battery level.

Change the style of the date field:

For the Retro watch only, press the Select (middle) button five times then the up or down button to change the date display.

Exiting the app:
Press the left Back (left) button. Later, when you return to the app, the last viewed watch face will reappear.

Background on the app

I have built several watchface launchers as examples to Pebble of how the future of Pebble firmware could look. The number of watch faces that can fit into one app is limited to 24k of space. 7 Watchfaces takes up 20k, leaving the rest for font loading - I can add no more. Because the space constraints are so tight, I modify the original source code to remove unwanted features, modify the rest to fit into the new framework, and then put the code through a stress tester to be sure there are no memory leaks. I help Pebble during and beyond the 2.0 beta testing whenever this uncovers bugs. There is currently a crashing bug I reported involving bitmap load/unload combined with animations that prevents several watchfaces I considered from being packaged this way. I expect this to be resolved soon. 7 Watchfaces uses no bitmaps, so I don’t expect any crashes.


Thanks to Ronald van der Lingen for open sourcing Retro Clock.
Thanks to Jean-Nöel Mattern for open sourcing Perspective.
Thanks to Desmond Brand for open sourcing Illudere.
Just A Bit, Fuzzy Time and Tick Tock Toe are part of the Pebble sample watch face collection.
Words & Date is my own adaptation of the Pebble Text watchface with a larger font and the ability to switch backgrounds.

Version History

1.0 First release on 12 Feb 2014 - Initial features: 7 watch faces and their inversions, vibrate, battery check and date style selection for Retro Watch.