My Bus Times for iPhone and Apple Watch
Covering San Francisco, NYC, Boston, Seattle, DC, Vancouver BC,
Southern California, Portland, Georgia, Oahu, Twin Cities,
Quebec, Florida, N. Carolina, Virginia and more
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Due to support for WatchOS 2.0, recent versions require iOS 9 or later

You’ll need to do a little setup the first time you launch My Bus Times, so you’re taken directly to the Edit Stop screen where you define your departure stop.This app will not be asking for your destination.

Stop lookup varies by region. For help in a specific region, please follow one of these links:

  • Seattle / Puget Sound bus, rail and ferry as well as regions covered by OneBusAway: Georgia MARTA bus & Rail, Georgia Tech, Cobb Community and GRTA
  • Oahu bus
  • Portland TriMet
To change an existing stop or its title or subtitle, select the stop and in the Arrival Predictions screen, tap Edit Stop. If you own an Apple Watch, you will want to make the title and subtitle short so they’re readable on the small screen.
To rearrange stops or delete a stop, tap Edit List in the My Stops. Use the drag handles on the right to move a stop up or down. Tap the minus to delete a stop.
To switch from the SF Bay region to one of the others listed above, tap on San Francisco Bay Area to see the choices.

If multiple routes stop at your stop (left side screenshots below), you can choose to see only the one you are interested in. Repeatedly tap on the Next title until you see the route you want (right side screenshots below). This works both on the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Title color will change to indicate single or combined route listing. Details will always show the complete list in the order of arrival.

Simulator Screen Shot Oct 8, 2015, 7.34.43 AM Simulator Screen Shot Oct 8, 2015, 7.37.37 AM
Simulator Screen Shot Oct 8, 2015, 7.49.57 AM Simulator Screen Shot Oct 8, 2015, 7.50.08 AM

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