Watchfaces+ Color for Pebble

It’s very easy to choose a watch style to match your current mood. Switch to another whenever you feel like it. Unlike the other watch faces on the Pebble app store that require internet access to get to a configuration screen on your phone, you can make all your choices entirely using the watch buttons. When you’re on a long flight with no wifi, this is the app you want to have around to show off your Pebble Watch.

The latest version still works on monochrome Pebbles, but now supports colorizing the watch dial and hands on the Pebble Time, and even works on Pebble Round.

Starting the app:
Watchfaces+ is a watch app, not a watch face. So, it works like a game or other utility. After installing it from the Pebble App Store, you can find it by clicking the Select (middle) button to go to the list of apps and scroll down till you see this app. Click Select again when you find Watchfaces+ Color.

Switching watch faces:
Use the up and down buttons to find a watch face that you like. As you will see below, up and down will also be used to change settings. In fact, pressing the Select (middle) button nine times will also get you to the watch face selector and pausing between presses to see the prompts will reveal the numerous ways to configure Watchfaces+.

Invert the B&W image or change colors on the Pebble Time:
Hold the Select (middle) button down till the watch face inverts or changes color. On the Pebble Time, you may then scroll up or down to cycle through the various preset color schemes. You can also press the Select (middle) button eight times to get to the watch face inversion/color mode. The 15 color palettes are called: Black, White, Gold, Blue, Red, Khaki, Green, Earth, RGB, BYM, Lavender, Pastel, Blue-Green, July, and December.

Add or remove the second hand:
Press the Select (middle) button once then the up or down button to show or hide the second hand.

After a few seconds without pushing any buttons, the configuration prompts go away and your custom watch face is ready to show off.

Change the style of the watch hands:
Press the Select (middle) button twice then the up or down button to try out different watch hands.

Change the style of the date field:
Press the Select (middle) button three times then the up or down button to hide or change the date display.

Enable/Disable Hourly vibration:
Press the Select (middle) button four times then the up or down button to enable or change vibration options. During the hours when vibration is on, it will also vibrate when you lose or regain bluetooth connection. This also serves as a reminder if you leave the house without your phone.

Fetch the watch battery level:
Press the Up button until the battery level shows. You can also press the Select (middle) button five times to get to the battery level.

Check the bluetooth status:
Press the Select (middle) button six times to check if bluetooth is connected. You can also press the Up button until the battery level shows, then press Select to see the bluetooth connection status.

Adding or changing a watch logo:
Press the Select (middle) button seven times then the up or down button to enable or change the logo.

Turning on the back light:
Press the left button once.

Exiting the app:
Press the left button twice. When you return to the app, the last viewed watch face will reappear.

I’m looking for more watch faces and logos

Did you design a 144x168 analog watch face background and plugged it into Don’t want to spend the time converting your 1.0 analog watch? Contact me if you’d like me to incorporate it into this app. It’s got to be of general interest. As curator, I will have the final say as to whether it fits into the theme of this app.

If you are the original designer of a watch face I happen to be using, please contact me. The Pebble App store currently may not give me an easy way to contact you. I’ve also recently been busy making this app full-featured, so I may have inadvertently skipped over you. Hopefully, I made it easy for you to get in touch with me. I am happy to work out something mutually beneficial for the both of us. I want you to feel that having your design in my app is giving you the best exposure to your work. If you were an artist, you would be showing your work in galleries. Consider this your gallery. If you desire, I will post your website, your bitcoin key, etc. Or, remove your artwork if that’s your preference.


Thanks to Lukasz Zalewski for open sourcing the following watch faces: Modern, Maurice, Fancy, Roman, Boss, Brown Bell, Speed and Swiss. If you enjoy any of these watch faces, please consider sending bitcoins directly to Lukasz Zalweski: 1DAvDGQCXJtL2SHPz47QUjaSXBXLSXwThJ

If you find this app useful send me some bitcoin: 1Diyzqcrqdjbbk1m23qSn2m7aUoayPosi9